This is going to be one mint holiday, a trip of a lifetime. Have always wanted to go abroad and I love history stuff guess we’re am going…

Italy ….

My plan is to fly to bottom of Italy (Naples) and work my way up to the top (Venice) by coaches staying a night in different city’s. Popping into Paris to get back to the UK. There going be alot road traveling.

Due to its a travel holiday I will be experiencing hostels and trying to work out public transport when don’t speak the language lol

It will be one hell of a challenge I have never been abroad before, never done the share dorm thing, have a fear of heights and only speak English lol

Even more of a challenge fitting everything into one backpack for one week. This is looking more like a solo travel trip if it goes well I’ll be looking into doing it next year some were else.

Review on savings

So how’s it going with the envelopes and saving so far …

It is defo a challenge harder to spend cash than on a card. Am making a weekly meal plan and shopping list. Have discovered it’s cheaper bag and weigh own fruits and vegetables than is to get pre packed. What’s left over from shopping goes into the savings pot.

It’s one of them you have to break to open

So far I have in my jar £20 and the month not even over yet omg pat on the back for me.

Also I have been accepted on the course at college smashing this year 🙂

Review on January

Well it has certainly been a hectic month a bit stressful but hay life keeps ticking on.

Have managed to sign up to a gym and have gone twice a week so far.

Have finally managed to close the door on something that spent month trying to sort it’s finally done am feeling free.

Can’t say I done much in the way of dieting this month but happy that not gained any weight. Will be targeting that next month.

Had the single mum blues this month you know…. what you do isn’t good enough for some. I have a good relationship with my daughter we have been through ALOT together. The issue can be solved it’s not a problem my down mood can also be sorted with a glass of wine and Netflix lol

February challenge here I come it will be a tough one.

A bit about college

Well a bit of a downer already the course I have applied for has lost funding in my area. There are other courses like it but my G.C.S.E grades ain’t good enough for the entry requirements. That doesn’t bother me at all because 20 years later am still proud of my self for just getting a pass for them.

Am told if go one another one that will improve them so I can do the course I wanted. Can’t say am that excited about it but if it will benefit then I’ll do it.

So why did I sign up for a course in the first place? Well not alot is happening with my life right now. I do work but it’s not a career it just putting food on table. Now my daughter is in high school I don’t have child care to worry about so I can do full time. So this is happening in September a long wait.

Just because your a parent don’t ever think you can’t change anything. People go back to education later because they didn’t get the option earlier.

Cash envelope system

I was browsing through YouTube today and came across videos about cash envelope system and found it rather interesting. I do admit I probably do use my card a lot sometimes but who doesn’t these days lol. It is very easy to use card than cash.

From what I can work out would still be using monthly budget plan I make myself. Some things have to be paid on card but other things like food would be cash. So food wise would be weekly budget working from a shopping list and anything left over be put in a savings jar.

So in 2020 am I going to be stopping the online shopping to be fare I do need to get out more lol. Would mean budgeting public transport but it be a interesting experience.

Sometimes we forget past life I remember when I was my daughter age my town had butchers, fruit n veg on market, a lot of people got milk delivery i lived in a village no were near a supermarket. I am actually luck to still have that so why am I getting it online? Old habits I guess I started it when daughter was a baby and have been doing it since.

Am going to have a go at this February. No doing online shopping and no using card only to take out the money and pay what has to be paid by card. I think it be interesting challenge

Budgeting and savings

A few months ago I discovered bullet journaling and I got to say I love it. One thing I do have in mine is a monthly budget plan.

So you make a list of bills and how much they are. Work out all your income and who’s paying what bill. What am doing is marking them when have paid them. Now I can see what’s left to play with.

Have only got one saving so far – holiday. I worked out were I wanted to go and what it’s going to cost me. How much to save each month am using a ICA but the tricky thing is actually doing it and not touching it.

The whole savings thing am looking into I no there’s loads of ways but I think I will work better with the old fashioned way putting into a jar. It has certainly worked for 5p’s over the years. Whenever get 5p coin in my change I put into a jar and see what got to take to bank at end of the year it has certainly helped in situation a few times.

What’s that saying … See a Pennie pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck. 🙂

Welcome to 2020

Like everyone says new year new me. I personally don’t do new year’s resolution but I do have a few goals in mind this year. For me it’s a year of challenges and adventures.

Goal 1 – I would like to get back down to a healthy weight so decided the green plan with weight watchers.

Goal 2 – I haven’t had a holiday in like 3 years due to so many reasons. I have always had a interest in abroad and I love my history. I discovered backpacking and solo traveling. My plan is Italy

Goal 3 – Budgeting and saving, well anyone that knows me knows I can’t save for toffee lol but am not so bad at budgeting household bill just rubbish at treating self so this am looking into.

And finally goal 4 – I am returning to education. Yes me going back to college in my 30’s am I crazy or just daft. I haven’t much going on in my life right now more on that later.